A safe and feel-good place where we can glow with our love for crystals.

AGLOW Crystals is a rebrand of FOND OF CRYSTALS. What started out as a hobby quickly emerged into a small little business that is an all-through One-Woman show. The past year has evolved so much for me personally, from being one, to being someone's wife and now I have little family of my own - which takes up TONS of my time! But I'm the most contented now.

As I've recovered from my pregnancy, I find myself looking through my crystal collection once again. This reignited my love for crystals and I thought, what best to start sharing my passion again, then through a NEW BRAND that is all about being the brightest!

 aglow /əˈɡləʊ/ : glowing.

Just like crystals, we all deserve to glow the brightest and be the star. I hope you can follow along with my journey and be AGLOW together as a family. 

With all the love+glow,


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