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Bracelet: Faceted Fluorite + Hello Kitty Charm

Bracelet: Faceted Fluorite + Hello Kitty Charm

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  • Rainbow Fluorite Faceted Beads
  • Hello Kitty Charm
  • Elastic Style

Because of its naturally neutralising effect, fluorite can help sweep out old, stagnant energies and introduce freshness and clarity of mind. For those of us that struggle to let go of worries and anxieties, the fluorite stone can be very useful.

Its powerful cleansing energy clears out old thoughts and patterns so that clarity, peace, and healthy change can occur. From a physical perspective, fluorite can also provide us with many healing benefits. Along with energetic cleansing, the fluorite crystal brings with it the ability to perform physical cleansing and detoxification.


Please note that all silver/gold/rose gold components will lose its colour if not taken care of well. To ensure that components used kept in pristine condition, you are recommended to remove during shower and while doing strenuous activities. You are advised to keep the bracelet in your favourite air-tight pouch to maintain it's condition.

Stones used to create this bracelet are all natural stones. There might be pockets and natural crevices in each handcrafted piece. Colours may present itself differently according to different devices that you are using. The listing promises as much accuracy as possible. Please note that these are captured in the videos provided in each listing and returns will not be entertained on such reasons.

Care information

It is recommended to cleanse and charge your crystals frequently.

Unsure on how to cleanse or charge your favourite crystals? Pop us a DM and we'll help you along!

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